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Do not fuck South Dakota.

Roy Edroso’s headline does not withstand the fundamental point Roxanne makes, but it’s PZ who most eloquently, even poignantly nails it: South Dakota is only trying to de jure (against the people’s will) what’s been de facto throughout the country for far too long.

At least we can buy Girl Scout cookies this year without a wingnut fuss. —More and more, I’m thinking this classic Herblock cartoon cuts to the quick of sexual politics here in crepuscular America:

By Herblock.

Fifty years and counting, and they’re still fucking terrified. Take what heart you can.

  1. Roxanne    Feb 27, 12:45 PM    #

    Dude. When did you start blogging again?

  2. Kip    Feb 27, 12:55 PM    #

    Dude. Back in December. Didn’t you get the memo? (I coulda sworn there was a memo.)

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