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Idaho Purchase.

Speaking of maps (as just we were)—

Greater Idaho.

I guess Oregon conservatives don’t want to drive too far the next time they flee the state to deny the legislature a quorum. —“They’re not leaving very much for us,” said the kid over breakfast. We reassured each other that, despite the website and the petitions for ballot measures, this was entirely a money-grubbing publicity stunt, not unlike Greater West Virginia. “Red states” and extractive industries and internal colonization, go figure.

Of course, conservatives always break number four, and we do live in the Age of Trump. God knows what might happen. Still, you gotta wonder: why do the secessionist earls of Eastern Oregon hate Eastern Washington so much?

  1. Kip Manley    Feb 24, 08:29 PM    #

    And then, of course, after my little dig about cowardly Republicans, the stupid fuddruckers have to go this very day and run out on the legislature again.

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