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It is easier to clean the kitchen if you keep the kitchen clean

is one of those astringently parsimonious bromides that isn’t worth the wisdom it reveals, but I can’t help but think it applies to the problem with bringing back blogs. I couldn’t begin to tell you why I’ve suddenly resumed a former, blistering pace, but I can say that hiatuses be damned, this blog, this long story; short pier, is now old enough to vote in most American elections. Go on, then; have a haggis—

A haggis.
  1. Mark Gisleson    Jan 17, 06:58 AM    #

    Enjoy. Twitter has suspended me but I have no intentions of getting back into blogging and I’m going to keep saying that until I get over social media and the need to purge my thoughts online every day. Thoughts which are now building up and clogging my system but leaving this comment does make me feel better.

    @$#! OK, now a lot better. (Yeah, I think cussing online is what I’m really missing.)

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