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Is our pundits learning?

Hey! Y’all parse this sentence real quick-like and tell me what’s wrong:

President Roosevelt waited until after World War II to put in place a commission to investigate what mistakes led to Pearl Harbor.

Now, go let the National Review know that this sentence is still to be found in Clifford May’s column dated 8 April, with nary a correction in sight. I know, I know: Atrios told them, Roger Ailes told them, Eric Williams ripped ’em a new one, and they’ve done nothing about it yet. Maybe there’s some postmodern dripping-with-“irony” “depends on what the meaning of ‘after’ is” defense they’re testing on focus groups. Maybe they’re lazy. Maybe they’re incapable of shame. But we can still have some small fun with the pointing and the sniggering.

  1. Elkins    Apr 12, 04:09 PM    #
    Well, c'mon! It doesn't say anywhere that he did so in this world, does it?

  2. --k.    Apr 12, 04:16 PM    #
    Nor does it specify which commission to investigate what mistakes led to Pearl Harbor. By George, I think you've hit upon it!

  3. Glenn Peters    Apr 12, 07:07 PM    #
    Hey, if Hitler lived until '58, who's to say Roosevelt wasn't still kicking after WWII?

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