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You know it when you see it…

This is some of the most beautiful pornography I think I’ve ever seen:

Perfectly SFW, but people will ask questions if they see it on your screen.

  1. Charles Seaton    Mar 9, 08:41 PM    #

    That’s lovely. I’ve actually seen that in person, so when it started I was like, “Ooh, are these the ones with the bizarrely huge bright blue genital structures?” The ones I saw didn’t merge theirs in quite as pretty a fashion (as far as I can remember). These looked distinctly floral in the pattern with which their genitals merged.

  2. Kip Manley    Mar 9, 08:46 PM    #

    The spinning orb they make is a stunningly reified metaphor for that which far too many love songs have only ever grasped at inarticulately.

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