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Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

I realize Kathryn Jean Lopez is beyond shame; I realize there is no hope for the National Review, and perhaps there never was. Still. This needs to be spread as far and wide as possible:


If only as an object lesson in how not to play this little game.

Bring it on.

“America’s psychopathic healthcare system is sacrificing tens of thousands of lives, mainly working class and African American, for the sake of profit. Health advisors and boards of trustees routinely kill people, knowingly, to defend the bottom-line. Right now, those who are scaremongering about the NHS are lobbying vehemently to ensure that nothing about this vile state of affairs ever changes. They aren’t stupid enough not to understand the consequences of what they are doing, but the current rate of death and misery is part of creating an optimal investment climate. This is social sadism. This is a humanitarian catastrophe. To remedy this intolerable state of affairs, I propose a lobby or solidarity group to ‘Save America’ (or ‘Save America From Itself,’ or ‘Stop Them Before They Kill Again’—you get the picture). There should be rock concerts in Hyde Park to raise money for the millions of Americans who have no healthcare. Bob Geldof and Bono—and here’s the excellent thing—would be totally uninvolved in any of this. Funds should be available for those who have been told by their insurance companies that their life is less important than shareholder value, to pay for an airline ticket to any country where they can get treated properly. And all support should be given to those heroic freedom fighters taking on the inhuman monsters who have been getting away with killing their people for far too long. I bet negative PR like that would get some reforms going pretty fucking quickly.” —lenin