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20 weeks out and counting.

Taran Jack Manley, 20 weeks and counting.

Ladies, gentlemen, plain people of the internets, it pleases us more than we can say to present our daughter, Taran Jack Manley.

If her name is anything to go by, she’ll be a tricksy goat come roaring down from the rocky fields of Heaven (somewhere leeward of the Isle of Man, it seems) with a white rose in her teeth and mischief in her eyes; she may, in fact, be here to save us all.

—Though not quite yet. (She is, as it were, in beta.)

  1. David Lee Ingersoll    Jun 11, 03:57 PM    #

    Hello TJ.

    May the devil be in you in all the best ways.

  2. Glenn Peters    Jun 11, 08:22 PM    #

    Congratulations to all three of you!

  3. Nick Fagerlund    Jun 11, 09:30 PM    #


    Kiddo, hello. Jenn and Kip, congratulations.

  4. Wood    Jun 12, 02:51 AM    #

    So your daughter gets not just one, but two boy’s names ?

  5. Kip Manley    Jun 12, 05:56 AM    #

    Thanks, folks. —And Wood: while there once was a famous fictional boy named Taran, that doesn’t of itself make Taran a boy’s name. (And as for Jack: well. You know. Jack.)

  6. Scott    Jun 12, 07:02 AM    #

    I am apparently the last to know, again. Congratulations!

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