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Time to Frenzy.

Reading Frenzy, an Independent Press Emporium.

Distressing news via BlogTown: Reading Frenzy, the amazing zine and comics and independent press emporium that’s been a Portland fixture for 13 years, needs our help. Here’s the message from Chloe Eudaly:

We’re rounding the corner on our 13th year, and while I’m not particularily superstitious, it does seem to be adding up to a rather unlucky phase in our long, illustrious history. A series of unfortunate events, both business and personal, have brought us to a critical juncture and we need your support to see us through.
As a faithful reader, I’m sure you appreciate Reading Frenzy and what we offer to our community of readers and publishers: a rare outlet for independent and alternative media, a hub of local literary activity, and a cozy space for art and literary events. Internationally recognized for our devotion to the small press and zines in particular, we’ve even inspired others to follow suit and open shops in their own towns.
Reading Frenzy is as much a community resource as it is a business, and as such has always depended on the generousity of volunteer staff, a team of supportive professionals who help us for free or cheap, and the occasional fundraiser. We have a couple bigger events in the works, but in the meantime here’s how you can help break the spell:

  • Go on a Reading Frenzy shopping spree! Can’t find what you want now? Buy yourself (and a few of your friends) gift certificates!
  • Buy a Co-Frenzy membership for $100—you receive a 10% discount for one year, plus a signed/numbered Reading Frenzy/Spiral Bound print by Aaron Renier!
  • Have a bright idea for a fundraiser? Bring it on! We’re thinking rock show, spaghetti feed, and book sale—but not at the same time!

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Go. Continue your support. And spread the word!

  1. Carl Caputo    Mar 17, 01:00 PM    #

    You might want to retitle this to something like “Portland Reading Frenzy Needs Help to Stay in Business,” for the Google juice. “Time to Frenzy” doesn’t contain enough facts, IMO.

  2. Kip Manley    Mar 17, 02:07 PM    #

    There’s googlejuice for a worthy cause, and then there’s æsthetics. Jakob Nielsen can be such a fucking killjoy.

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