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Things fall apart.

“The US’s decline started with little things,” is how they tease the article, which, I mean, “little things,” but hey, it’s Bloomberg, they’re trying, so you’re reading your way down the list, empty construction sites, okay, capricious hospital bills, sure, and, uh—

Bloomberg’s Opinion.

—I mean, I know the rich are different from you an’ me, but do they really want to go and flaunt it in the dek like that?

Six percent! Mothering fuck.

Anyway. —Any decline in the United States isn’t starting, it’s accelerating, signed by things that are anything but little—and the heights from which we’re falling were only ever notional for just about most everybody. The City was only ever Shining thanks to the efforts of folks who were never allowed to live in it, and the Hill it’s built on’s a rotten foundation, prone to subsidence with the slightest shock. Forget Bloomberg; Tressie McMillan Cottom has much more pertinent things to say about the pandemic, and the always already cracks it’s made impossible to ignore.

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