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Remember, remember.

Huh. —This is my first election night without, as the kids call it, the Birdsite in quite some time. I wonder how this used to work?

  1. Kip Manley    Nov 6, 06:10 PM    #

    Oh, right. Fivethirtyeight. —I mean we didn’t have that then, but you know what I mean.

  2. Jonah Sutton-Morse    Nov 6, 07:06 PM    #

    I’ve got a book on The Blues and Black Feminism that I’m trying to persuade myself is better than clicking refresh on things.

  3. Mark Gisleson    Nov 6, 10:27 PM    #

    Before Twitter it was blog posts being constantly updated. Before that it was news websites updating. Pre-internet you watched tv/radio and if you had friends in the right places you spent a lot of time on the phone or at election parties. Whatever got results out fastest, that’s what people use.

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