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Worth kneeling-to.

For some reason I’d always assumed Schrafft’s wasn’t a real place; was more of a composite, like New York Magazine does. A fortuitous googling tells me what I should of course have known: it was, indeed, and there was more than one.

  1. eric    Jan 22, 12:13 AM    #

    As a young child, my absolute favorite thing was to be taken to Schrafft’s for an ice cream soda. Hadn’t thought of it in ages, so thanks for prodding the memory.

  2. Josh    Jan 31, 07:27 PM    #

    Yes. Yes, you should have.

  3. Kip Manley    Jan 31, 07:30 PM    #

    Dude. I was born in Alabama. I take what I can get.

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