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A riddle:

So why is it I’m thrilled to hear that Edgar Wright is filming in and around the actual dank pit that Bryan Lee O’Malley picked out for Scott and Wallace’s apartment, but the slavish care and monomaniacal attention to detail that Zach Snyder and co. slathered all over Watchmen left me cold?

  1. Brendan    May 25, 11:46 PM    #

    Because Edgar Wright is one of us, and Zach Snyder is not.

  2. Kip Manley    May 26, 09:40 AM    #

    Leaping straight for the Tod Browning card, I see.

  3. Brendan    May 26, 02:52 PM    #

    We Louisvillian expatriates stick together.

    But seriously: not to pedestalize him—I didn’t actually like Spaced all that much—but Wright is a funny and intelligent guy who gets what geeks like because he’s a geek. Snyder calls himself a geek because he reads comics (about muscular men and blood and women getting raped), but in fact he’s something more like a fetishist. That makes the context of his detailing less “loving” than “creepy.”

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