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n. That period of time in which it is seen as economically feasible to run infomercials advertising a device that sharpens disposable razor blades. (cf. Depression, n., that period of time in which you can’t sell enough devices that sharpen disposable razor blades for $14.99 after mail-in rebate to cover your marketing costs.)

  1. Nick Fagerlund    Jan 17, 07:19 PM    #

    Yeah, so: Gonna buy one?

    (All honesty? I’d be sorely tempted were it not for that poison whiff of “As Seen on TV.” It’s the waste that gets to me, but I’ve yet to muster the wherewithal a straight-razor demands.)

  2. Kip Manley    Jan 18, 10:13 AM    #

    Heh. Nah, I’d be too worried about what it’d do to my stock of blades.

    Also, I’ve come up with my own solution: increase the surface area of one’s beard, thereby lessening the daily wear and tear on the blades. Works wonders. —But there is something mildly attractive in going the Sweeney Todd route…

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