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Defying gravity.

Magical Girl Wonder Woman.

Mostly a me-too post, pointing you to the sheer, unadulterated joy of Tintin Pantoja’s manga-styled Wonder Woman proposal. So far, there’s been no word from DC proper (Tintin herself theorizes that maybe she sent it up the wrong channels), but John Jakala makes as eloquent a case for the book as you’d want. —Let’s hope Joss Whedon, at least, is paying attention.

(Bonus, also from the Sporadic Sequential post: “A few years ago I pitched Dan DiDio a manga-style take on Supergirl that had Kara as a pop idol, Superman as the lead singer of the Justice League touring rock band (with the Flash as the Fastest Lead Guitarist Alive), and Lex Luthor as an Evil Music Mogul. Obviously it didn’t get picked up, and we ended up with Britney Kara instead, but it was fun to do.”)

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