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Saucy ganders.

The opening salvo (if ever it had an opening):

--and looks? Excuse me.

(Some little context, by way of the script:

OK, Jim, I’m shameless.)

The recent escalation:

That “corner

The perhaps inevitable but nonetheless (nonethemore?) welcome riposte:

Maybe have him lean a bit, off balance, the better to show off his well-filled briefs.

And then—

  1. Glenn Peters    Apr 25, 12:08 PM    #

    Oh sure, the one page I idly surf to from work…

  2. almostinfamous    Apr 26, 07:26 AM    #

    bolus of superjunk strikes again!

  3. Kip Manley    Apr 26, 08:58 AM    #

    Wow! “Bolus of superjunk” debuts way up high on the charts of Really Uncomfortable Phrases I Could Easily Have Gone Without Ever Hearing!

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