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That woman.

Yes, she’s a horrible, soulless monster. Yes, her latest “book” is an insult to millennia of literate endeavor. But my God, do you have to keep posting those photos of her in your blogs? —Every time you say her name, you feed the dead light in her eyes, and Baby Jesus is forced to strangle another frolicking kitten. (Also, the man-hands jokes, and the bits about the Adam’s apple? Not getting funnier every time you tell them. Hate to be brutal, but.)

  1. PZ Myers    Apr 14, 07:20 AM    #

    In my defense, I posted the photo in the same spirit with which I post photos of intestinal worms and write about smegma.

  2. Kip Manley    Apr 14, 09:46 AM    #

    Also, you aren’t so much moved by what the Baby Jesus might be doing to those frolicking kittens which share His hypothetical plane of existence.

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