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The Gang of 25.

So I’m standing here covered in website dust as I try to plug all the leaks and I’m not paying too much attention to the events of the day and I was tempted, sorely tempted, to make a crème brûlée joke, and then I read Digby and I felt better.

The last time we had a serious outpouring from the grassroots was the Iraq War resolution. My Senator DiFi commented at the time that she had never seen anything like the depth of passion coming from her constituents. But she voted for the war anyway. So did Bayh, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Kerry and Reid. The entire leadership of the party. Every one of them went the other way this time. I know that some of you are cynical about these people (and, well, they are politicans, so don’t get all Claude Rains about it) but that means something. Every one of those people were running in one way or another in 2002 and they went the other way. The tide is shifting. There is something to be gained by doing the right thing.

I know you’re tired. So am I. Chop wood. Carry water. Repeat.

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