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All my sons and daughters.

Or 80% of them, at least. —Back in the day, Joe Keller shot himself in the head over shipping out one batch of defective cylinders. It truly was a greater generation.

  1. Long story; short pier. » Blog Archive » Don’t waste good iron for nails, or good men for soldiers.    Jan 17, 09:15 AM    #
    [...] But embarrass a Republican donor, like David H. Brooks? Whose DHB Industries manufactures Point Blank Armor? Which is insufficiently supplied to our troops through a 500 million dollar contract? Whose product failures are at the heart of a leaked, top-secret study that found 80% of our dead troops might have survived with adequate armor? Whose main competitor, Dragon Skin, is favored by nine of the generals currently serving in Afghanistan? Embarrass the likes of a man who can hire and fire the likes of Aerosmith and 50 Cent for his daughter’s bat mitzvah by working with your parents to scrape together the $6,000 you need for the safer, better, non-issue stuff? [...]

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