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Your spasm of activism.

By way of the Hellcat, here’s Patridiot Watch on the Democratic Party’s usurious credit card:

Just a week after handing the Republicans and credit card companies a big win by restricting people’s rights to enter into bankruptcy, the Democrats’ web site continues to offer a credit card with rates that rise to 29.99 percent.

Annual percentage rate (APR) for purchases: 0% for the first 3 monthly billing periods that your account is open (“Introductory Period”). After that, 9.99% to 23.99% [snip]

Default APR: Up to the Prime Rate** plus 24.74% or up to 29.99%, whichever is greater, and may vary (see explanation below***)

The Hellcat has an excellent rant on just how soul-destroying the bankruptcy bill is. Read that and then try to keep your temper in check as you go give the Party whatfor. Everybody inside the Beltway thinks nobody outside the Beltway is paying any attention at all to something so dry as bankruptcy deformation, so it’s safe for them to whore it up for some extra cash, but they’ve gone far too far with this one: if it passes the House (which it probably will) and Bush signs it (which he will, he will), then Capital One will be coming after your kneecaps as well as your wallet. Remind the Democrats that the outrage they’re hearing right now over a pissant-stupid offer is nothing compared to what they’re gonna be hearing in a couple of years; remind them that Senator Joe Biden (D-MBNA) will never be president, now; let them know that we are paying attention, and more of us every day.

And then: the Decembrist has the graduate-level coursework. Let him lay out what PAYGO is, and why it’s so important, and why once again those inside think us outside don’t care, and then pick up the phone and call your Senators and tell them that you do. Bonus round: you can score a point against Bolton, too, if you like. Again, Mark Schmitt explains.

  1. Glenn    Mar 15, 03:11 PM    #
    Senator Joe Biden (D-MBNA)

    Laughing, then crying.

    Which is my reaction to entirely too many things these days.

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