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Boy, that’s a lot of moms.

You might remember the recent flap over Buster the Bunny’s visit to a couple of mothers in Vermont, and the outrage our shiny new Secretary of Education felt at the idea tax money was being spent to expose our children to those people. Here’s a videoblog entry from Blogumentary that features an interview with the show’s senior editor, with clips from the episode in question, and some distressing news about just how much damage the Secretary’s intemperate words have wrought. —I’ll also throw in a letter to Secretary Spellings from Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) that ends like this:

I am by now myself used to the kind of meanness which was the basis of your decision, but I am sorry that young people all over this country who happen to be gay or lesbian have now learned that the person who has been picked by the President of the United States to help with their education has such a fundamentally negative view of their very existence.

Keep those cards and letters coming.

A lot of moms.

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