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  1. welcomerain    Jan 3, 07:33 AM    #
    Can't we just all watch Big Trouble in Little China a few more times instead?

  2. Glenn    Jan 3, 09:07 AM    #
    I only just learned (or re-learned, if I'd merely forgotten) the other day that Big Trouble in Little China was supposed to be the sequel to Buckaroo Banzai. I'd rather have that than a sequel that sucks, frankly.

    Of course, I'd also like to have a great sequel. Sigh. In these days full of crappy sequels to bad movies, would it kill them to have a sequel to Buckaroo Banzai?

  3. --k.    Jan 3, 10:29 AM    #
    Unfortunately, that's less true than it is not. Especially since, if memory serves, Big Trouble was originally written as a Western (or "oater," in Varietysprech). —Much less of a rewrite jump from there to the Carpenter film we all know and love, than it is from an ensembleish deadpan cult followup.

  4. Glenn    Jan 3, 11:27 AM    #
    I was just reading in Small Gods about the difference between trivial truths (W is a corrupt war criminal) and fundamental truths (W is president, coached by Jesus, and can do no wrong) -- I'm thinking that perhaps the more appealing version of this highly localized urban legend is the fundamental truth, whereas you've dug up what are just trivial truths.

    The sad thing about your version is that it leaves us with two great cult movies without sequels. But maybe that's what makes them great cult movies. (ah, even Rocky Horror Picture Show had a sequel.)

    P.S. Despite my usual facility with languages, I still don't get Variety lingo. I always want to pronounce "biopic" as if it relates to eyes.

  5. Robert Walker-Smith    Jan 4, 06:44 AM    #
    Curious, I had remembered the prospective Buckaroo sequel as the Asphalt Arabs, which is (of course) the prospective Nick Danger sequel.
    That illustrates, for me, the ease with which false memories can be generated.

    The distinction between trivial and fundamental truths reminded me of WS Burroughs's distinction:
    "'We're out of whiskey' may be true, but it is not a truth."

    And finally - whoohoo! Buckaroo Banzai comic books! I'll have to see if they're age-appropriate for my son, as he'd probably really enjoy them.

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