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Just a quick note, in case y’all don’t pay much attention to the “Commentations” box in yon left sidebar: The Poet, one of the deejays for The Crystal Ship pirate radio station (1982 – 1984), has posted a neat little oral history of their piracy as a comment to an old post on Portland’s own Subterradio, and pirate (harrumph: “micropower”) radio in general. Check it out.

So here’s another one up for the Crystal Ship, and the PRA, and Free Radio Berkeley and Subterradio, and Liberation Radio, Radio Free Radio, the Voice of Laryngitis, the Crooked Man, WGHP (With God’s Help, Peace) and the Voice of the Purple Pumpkin, Secret Mountain Laboratory, the Voice of Voyager, Radio Ganymede, the Voice of FUBAR (Federation of Unlicensed Broadcasters on AM Radio), and WUMS (We’re Unknown Mysterious Station, perhaps the longest-lived pirate ever, who broadcast from 1925 – 1948, and whose equipment, upon retiring, was requested by both the Ohio Historical Society and the Smithsonian).

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