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You think I’m not serious?

Look: I hear one more person call a press conference a “presser,” I’m gonna get up and start busting heads (in some metaphorical, prescriptivist fashion). —Leave that kind of talk to Variety, would you? They manage to pull it off, though God alone knows how. Anybody else, it looks fucking ridiculous.

  1. sacchi del ami    Apr 16, 08:22 PM    #
    Better a presser than a fresser, Dah-link. :p

  2. Rana    Apr 21, 09:42 AM    #
    Oh, thank you. Thank you. "Presser" is foul. It makes me think of of ironing, or sewing, or a lame nickname for the president -- not what is supposed to be an exercise of public oversight regarding our public servants.

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