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Memery index.

  1. Seth    Apr 16, 10:25 AM    #
    You missed me, you missed me
    Nanny-nanny boo boo

  2. Chef Quix    Apr 17, 04:26 PM    #
    You can't blame us for being inept or too lazy to post on our own sites.. Sometimes it's just easier to concentrate all of the knowledge in one spot, and I guess that happened to be you. ;)

  3. --k.    Apr 17, 08:27 PM    #
    Heck, I'm not blaming you; it's a mutation. Seems to be quite a viable one, too: a lot of these meme-posts out there have accreted their own fifth-sentence comments threads.

  4. Glenn    Apr 29, 01:29 PM    #
    I've noticed a new mutation popping up on LiveJournal -- take the 5th sentence from your 23rd post...

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