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Oh, thank God.

Python’s stepping up. (It’s not only their best and most great-hearted flick, but it’s also probably the most historically accurate movie ever made about the period and the region and the politics. —So what if they used Latin, too? At least Brian wasn’t a fecking robot.)

  1. Glenn    Mar 24, 10:18 AM    #
    The passion or the python, indeed.

    I love the idea of using this as counter-programming. And I also like how the synopsis in the release also perfectly describes the other movie.

    Coming up next -- The Terror of Mecha-Christ!

  2. Glenn    Mar 24, 10:37 AM    #
    I do disagree though. The Holy Grail is clearly their greatest flick.

    Let the schism begin.

  3. Kevin Moore    Mar 24, 11:02 AM    #
    The first half of The Meaning of Life is so brilliant that were the second half it's equal, the whole movie would be the best, IMHO. Still, it's an honorable third.

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