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Let no one put asunder.

At about ten of nine, West Coast time, this Hampton Roads news site lists Multnomah County as being in Washington.


Multnomah County is actually located in the state of Oregon.

But I’m linking to it anyway, since it gacked the photo of Tai Jungcker and Kathy Belge from KGW.com (who want you to fill out a friggin’ form before they’ll let you read the news).

AP photo of Tai Jungcker and Kathy Belge.

AP photo of Tai Jungcker and Kathy Belge, posing with their marriage certificate after a news conference for Basic Rights Oregon.

Tai Jungcker and Kathy Belge got a marriage certificate today.

They’re going to get married tomorrow, right here in Multnomah County.

God, it feels good to be on the right side of this wall.

update— The invaluable Jeff “Emma” Alworth provides some sobering but vital context.

further update— The illimitable Zoe Trope provides some giddy and equally vital photographs.

  1. Glenn Peters    Mar 2, 08:46 PM    #
    Yay! Too bad about the sales tax and the change of address, though.

  2. sacchi del ami    Mar 3, 03:51 AM    #
    Hey !! I'm gonna' just down the hall when the whole brouhaha hits !! For once, I can be excited at the prospect of going to work !!

    Hah. I laugh at your passing bus ! I SCORN your passing bus !!!


  3. --k.    Mar 3, 04:00 AM    #
    (For the folks at home: Amy refers to the fact that my daily commute, on the no. 14 bus line, takes me directly past the county offices where marriage certificates will be handed out, and where she deals with the daily challenges of a local government job in her own inimitable fashion.)

  4. Bethanne    Mar 3, 06:20 AM    #
    Man that feels good! With Bush and everything, I'd kinda gotten used to political decisions being the work of the devil. It's nice to know there's still hope. I haven't been this proud of PDX (mind you, I am always proud, but not THIS proud) since Katz and the poor jo down at the police dept said that we wouldn't cooperate with the feds harrassing innocent immigrants.

  5. The One True b!X's PORTLAND COMMUNIQUE    Mar 3, 04:19 PM    #
    Weblog Links On Same-Sex Marriage
    what if...?: Old News By Now. blargblog: It's About Time. Notes on the Atrocities: Multnomah County Recognizes Gay Marriage. Pacific Views: Oregon county to marry same-sex couples, The first one. 1221 SW 4th: Ideas, ideas,...

  6. D.K.    Aug 25, 11:06 AM    #
    found your lesbian life website...it's great! Love to read it all the time! I never thought of myself as a lesbian until I divorced and fell in love with my girlfriend Lindsey. I never knew life could be so wonderful. We hope to marry some day.

  7. Carey    Sep 11, 08:17 PM    #
    Please take a look at this and include a link if you like: "Connecting The Biblical Dots: Why Jesus Is For Same-Sex Marriage" at www.purplepew.org/gaymarriage

    Kind Regards.

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